Audio Transmitter and Receiver Bluetooth 5.0 LogiLink BT0062


Bluetooth version 5.0
Range: up to 10 m
Adds Bluetooth streaming capabilities to your home entertainment system
1x AUX input, 1x S/PDIF input, 1x AUX output, 1x S/PDIF output
Wireless audio transmission from your TV to Bluetooth headphones/speakers
Transmitter Mode (TX): Connect any non-Bluetooth device to one or two Bluetooth headphones/speakers
Bypass Mode: Connect the TV and speakers directly via cable.
You can switch between wired (bypass mode) and wireless (Bluetooth mode) with just one switch
Receiver Mode (RX): Connect your old speakers to your Bluetooth-enabled devices and stream
crystal clear sound
Wirelessly transfer music to your stereo system at home
Supports dual stream in TX mode
1.8″ LCD display
Charging port: USB-C
Pair your device faster without dropping the signal
Weight: 0.07 kg
Height: 3.27 cm
Width: 8.4 cm
Length: 11.15 cm



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